I did it


I couldn't add it to the t-echo so I did it separately
up sound always on, down sound only < -2m/s

The idea was to be able to put a sound on the lilygo t-echo, after trying to get the programming code and not being successful (open source, but I couldn't find it). I decided to make a separate arduino (I know it could be solved by adding the buzzer to the t-echo, but without the program it is unfeasible). arduino variometer project that has on the internet! The idea is to use t-echo on the Kobo Touch with XCsoar, as the kobo doesn't have sound the way I got it was this! Now I just have to learn how to put a bluetooth module on the kobo, how to pair the hc05 with the t-echo (if anyone knows or can give me a tip, I'd be grateful) imagine getting sound and another screen like that on the lilygo t-echo would be the dream https://www.youtube.com/shorts/B1Fd2gZ12Ms